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“I have loved your support so far! You are very easy to connect with, which I appreciate! You're also personable and relatable which I LOVE.”

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Elkhorn, NE


I believe every person has a unique set of needs and to effectively understand and treat those needs I must get to know the person not just the disease and discover the level of understanding, capability, and barriers each patient faces to truly develop an effective plan of care. I value treating the whole patient, by encompassing the mental, emotional, and social barriers as well as those that are impacting the physical nature of the patient.


I strive to empower my patients to be fully educated on the paradigms that impact their health so as they may make educated choices in how to conduct their life. I also believe in tactful transparency and honesty with my patients. I have witnessed and understand the enormous discomfort that comes with having a mirror held up to oneself and coming to the brut honest state of accepting that one’s choices may ultimately be responsible for the health status they are in.


While I am here to promote healthy positive choices, I cannot do it alone and the patient must buy in and meet me in the middle. My goal is to promote self-awareness, accountability, and aide to remove barriers in a compassionate manner that will promote holistic healing and a trusting bond with the patients I serve.

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