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Peptide Therapy

What are my therapy options?

Soft tissue repair

BPC-157 (Body Protection Compound-157) is a synthetic peptide derived from a naturally occurring protein in the human body known as "Gastric Pentadecapeptide BPC."

Mechanisms of Action

  • • Tissue Repair and Regeneration
  • • Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  • • Collagen Production
  • • Pain Modulation
  • • Protection against Ulcer Formation


  • • Thymosin Beta-4
  • • Thymosin Alpha-1
  • • BPC-157

Weight loss

Some of the potential mechanisms through which CJC-1295 might influence weight are related to its ability to stimulate growth hormone release, which could lead to increased metabolism, enhanced fat burning, and preservation of lean body mass.

Mechanisms of Action

  • • Reduction in body fat
  • • Improvement in body composition
  • • Anti-aging treatments
  • • Improved sleep quality
  • • Enhancement of muscle growth and recovery


  • • CJC-1295
  • • Ipamorelin

Sexual Function

Kisspeptin is a neuropeptide that plays a crucial role in the regulation of the reproductive system and the release of reproductive hormones. It is encoded by the KISS1 gene and acts on specific receptors in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

Mechanisms of Action

  • • Increases sexual arousal and desire
  • • Improved sexual function
  • • Treats Erectile Dysfunction


  • • Kisspeptin
  • • PT-141

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